The addition of Jeremy Maclin doesn’t mean that the Baltimore Ravens don’t believe in Breshad Perriman. It means they know Perriman can’t do it alone:

Breshad Perriman is a player that has the potential to change the Ravens offense completely. He has top end speed that most players in the NFL can’t compete with. He has a big frame. We’ve been over this before, Perriman’s potential is off the charts. The Ravens have been patient with their first round pick from 2015; the organization wants him to succeed badly.

Before the Ravens added Maclin, the receiver position looked pretty thin. Even if Perriman managed to be a 70 catch guy, even if he gained 1,000 yards this season, he wouldn’t have had a lot of help around him. Before Maclin, it was Perriman, Wallace and players to be named later. If Perriman did have a breakout performance, defensive coordinators would center their game-plan around stopping him.

The addition of Maclin rounds out a respectable trio at wide receiver. Maclin, Perriman and Wallace all have speed. When healthy, Maclin is a superstar wide receiver and a go to weapon. Wallace is coming off a good season, he just needs to keep that going in 2017. When Perriman gets the ball in the open field, he’s gone. Each receiver has a big play threat. Now the Ravens have three speedy options in the passing game.

 Maclin is going to be the top target of the passing game if everything adds up the way it’s supposed to. Look for Maclin to have 70-85 receptions, somewhere between 1,000-1,200 receiving yards and six touchdowns. If Perriman can become the number two option and range anywhere from 60-70 grabs, and Wallace can be productive out of the slot, the Ravens offense could advance greatly.

The Bottom Line:

When Perriman reaches his full potential, the Ravens will look like a different team. When he started to figure it out last season, he played pretty impressively. If the Ravens get a full season of great play from Perriman, he could more than double his numbers.

If Perriman is as good as we think he can be, the Ravens will have two star receivers. Even if Perriman just takes a small step forward, the Ravens receiving group will be better than it was last season. The Ravens first round pick from 2015 has taken his time to have a breakout season. The Ravens patience will pay off in 2017.