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Buccaneers: Rookie Chris Godwin gaining some high praise

Buccaneers’ third round pick Chris Godwin is already earning some lofty comparisons early in off-season workouts.

There isn’t a lot of stock you can put into off-season workouts. Rookie mini-camp, OTAs, mandatory mini-camp – it’s glorified flag football. That being said, Buccaneers’ rookie wide receiver Chris Godwin has been turning heads on a daily basis since his arrival.

Now, many of you are immediately going to think Kenny Bell. This is a very different scenario. As Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report said on the Pewter Nation podcast, “Kenny Bell had flashes here and there. Chris Godwin has three, four, five a day.”

Dirk Koetter is as even-keeled as you can get, however he already threw a pretty lofty comparison in Godwin’s direction during mandatory mini-camp;

“He does compete for the ball. And it’s way, way, way too early to say this, but in that respect, Chris reminds me a little bit of Roddy White, in that respect. When I first went to Atlanta – and of course ‘Smitty’ [Mike Smith] had Roddy way before I did – he’s similar size, a big guy that competes for the ball. Chris is off to a fast start. Let’s temper it until we get the pads on, but he did it last year at Penn State and he’s off to a good start here.”

Even Koetter protects the Bell comparison by saying “let’s temper it until we get the pads on,” but reminding two former Falcons coaches of Roddy White isn’t exactly small beans.

If Chris Godwin is able to establish Roddy White type numbers and production, the Buccaneers are in an amazing spot offensively for quite a while. Godwin appears to be the number two of the future, grooming and growing behind DeSean Jackson for the time being, but if he ends up being the Bucs’ equivalent to White during the stretch of his professional career? Well, let’s just say he might be one of the biggest draft steals in team history.

Again, tempering expectations through his shorts-and-helmet production, it’s hard to believe he’d fall off too much – if at all – given his production and playing style while at Penn State.

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