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Cowboys QB coach: ‘It’s fun to speculate’ on a possible Tony Romo return

The football career of one Tony Romo is over, with the Cowboys quarterback walking away from the NFL to work for America’s best broadcast network as a lead NFLanalyst with CBS Sports. Romo will also dabble in some golf coverage.

But Romo leaving football hasn’t stopped folks from wondering if he might return to the NFL at some point should an emergency situation arise. Like, say, Dak Prescott suffering an injury in Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season, which is exactly the scenario that Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson painted in a weekend interview with Scout.com.

“It’s fun to speculate about that, if Dak were to go down in week 2, would Tony come back? I don’t know the answer to that,” Wilson said. “I just don’t know. Do I think he’s capable of coming back and playing? Most definitely. Does he want to or what his commitment is to the network? I don’t know that, so it’s fun to think about, and it’s fun water-cooler topics to talk about, (even without) information to make a definitive answer on that.”

Wilson also noted that it’s “hard to say” if an emergency return for Romo is on anyone’s mind and pointed out that any offseason discussions about Romo’s future were “way above my floor.” Translation Jerry Jones was having them.

It’s not hard to blame him for letting his thoughts drift in that direction — after all the Cowboys are keeping Romo’s locker room and jersey number open for the time being. As Todd Archer of ESPN noted, No. 12 (Roger Staubach), No. 8 (Troy Aikman) are off limits and no one is currently wearing Romo’s No. 9.

It’s possible that’s just out of deference to Romo, who left the team just a few months ago and received a hero’s exit from the team and, really, the entire city.

But maybe there’s some world where the powers that be in the Cowboys complex dream of Romo returning. It’s certainly something that Jerry Jones thought about down the stretch last season.

The reality, though, is that this is Dak Prescott’s team. It became his team during the 2016 season with the young quarterback fitting in seamlessly alongside fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliott in what would become a dominant offense for the Cowboys.

“I’ve never anything quite like that. Tony was such an Icon and Tony was such a professional guy, but for a rookie to come in, and especially a rookie to come in, and win over the team and the locker room the way (Dak) did, was unbelievable,” Wade said. “The same thing I would say about Tony. The way he handled it professionally was hard on him. There’s no doubt. I love Tony to death, I’ve been around him forever. It was hard on him, but he was extremely professional.

“Team concepts overrode all personal agendas that were going on, so it was just a phenomenal season.”

Success comes in short windows in the NFL, but the Cowboys certainly hope that they’ve pried a big one open by acquiring Dak and Zeke. As much as the team might fondly remember Romo, they also probably hope they won’t even have to think about him in 2017 except for the few times he’s calling Cowboys games this season.

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