Broncos second-year RB Devontae Booker admitted that his “head was spinning” last year trying to learn the team’s offense.

“It’s different, way different,” Booker said of entering his second offseason with the Broncos, via ESPN.com. “Last year, there was a lot of thinking with me being out there. I was nervous just thinking about the whole offense. My whole head was spinning … this year it just feels different for me.”


Over the weekend, a report surfaced that the Chiefs were interested in interviewing ESPN analyst Louis Riddick for their GM vacancy. However, Riddick quickly denied the report.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk mentions that it’s possible Riddick simply hadn’t been contacted yet at that time.

A media source tells Florio that the Chiefs hadn’t directly contacted Riddick, but they had reached to his representation.

According to Florio, Riddick is “definitely is a candidate for the job.


The Ravens hired former 49ers and Bill offensive coordinator Greg Roman as a senior offensive assistant in charge of the run game this offseason and the general expectation has been that Roman would overhaul the team’s rushing attack.

“I don’t think there’s any of that,” Roman said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I just think we want them to really refocus, retool, and just come up with a plan that we felt suited us best moving forward and the whole organization. I think a lot of staffs do it every year, but this kind of gave us an opportunity to really start at ground zero and see what we want to do.”

Roman says he wants to build on the team’s zone-blocking scheme they’ve used the past few years.

“I thought they did some really good things here,” Roman said. “There are some things we want to keep and build on, and I think we’re definitely going to try to expand on that. Some weeks will be a little bit more of this and some weeks will be a little bit more of that. But we’ll come together on a week-to-week basis and figure out where we want to draw from. As we get to know the players even better, that will kind of let us know who is good at what and we can create some matchups in the run game.”


Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that there’s “nothing close” between the Rams and franchise CB Trumaine Johnson and the two parties will not get a long-term extension in place before the July 17 deadline.

This has been the expectation all along, as some speculated that the Rams would want to see how Johnson does in Wade Phillips‘ defensive scheme before committing to him long term.

Johnson stands to make around $16.8 million fully guaranteed for the 2017 season under the franchise tag. Because Johnson receives a 20 percent increase on top of the franchise tag figure, he’s now the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL.

Interestingly enough, the Rams actually made Johnson available for trade during the offseason and the Saints reportedly showed some interest in him, but ultimately nothing came of the trade talks.

Johnson, 27, is a former third-round pick of the Rams back in 2012. He played out his rookie contract with the Rams before being franchised back in February and made $13.952 million fully guaranteed under the tag.

In 2016, Johnson appeared in 14 games for the Rams and recorded 58 total tackles, one interception, one fumble recovery, and 12 pass defenses


Dianna Russini has spoken to a number of sources regarding the Kirk Cousins situation and has been told that there’s isn’t a real price that would make Cousins happy.

Instead, Russini says “this is deeper” and while the two sides need each other, they apparently “don’t want each other.

Russini says she spoke with coaches and GMs around the NFL this week and almost all of them agree with the Redskins tagging Cousins.


Seahawks DC Kris Richard stressed that everyone’s job in their secondary is up for grabs this summer and they plan to play their best players no matter who that is.

“The competition is wide open, these guys understand that,” Richard said, via Pro Football Talk. “I’ve said it for years, and I know people kind of look at me like I’m crazy, but Richard Sherman’s job is up for grabs. The competition is open, the best players are going to be out there and they’re going to play for us. The best guys are going to be out there, and if he shows he is more than able and more that capable of being out there and helping this football team, then he will play.

Richard said that they’re excited to see what third-round CB Shaquill Griffin can do once the pads are on during training camp.

“He’s got probably one of the best corner minds that we’ve had for a young guy around here,” Richard said. “That’s just in regards to leverage, positioning, the understanding of our coverages and where we need him to be. He has picked it up fairly quickly. We’re going to be really excited to see him strap it up and get out there and actually be able to compete for the football while it’s in the air. That’s going to be the next phase, but his technique has been improving day after day, and he has real strength. He has strength in his hands, you can tell he’s a powerful guy, and obviously his speed is there.

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